Manley Labs rainbow version Massive

Manley Labs

Manley Labs has released the Massive Pride, a rainbow version of the tube-based stereo equalizer.

Looking for something that looks less boring than black, silver or gold in the hi-fi system? Then Manley Labs came up with something beautiful in the form of the Massive Pride. This is meant to add lustre to this year’s Gay Pride Month (that was June). But even if you’re less idealistic: the appearance of the Massive in Pride version is actually quite a relief compared to the commonly used standard colour settings that are common in the hi-fi world. What’s more, the colours of the rainbow flag on this device come in handy: you can see at a glance which frequency band you’re using.

Same price

Unfortunately the Manley Labs Massive Pride is already sold out at the factory. However: you will still come across it at several shops. By the way, the Pride version is based on the most recent version of the ‘regular’ Massive – including the Manley Power switching power supply – and costs the same.

Bring a bit of colour into the hi-fi set and support your fellow man at the same time. After all, let’s face it: colour or orientation doesn’t matter, does it? In each category you’ll find nice and annoying people. Let’s focus on the nice ones.

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