Marshall Emberton, great feeling in the palm of your hand


The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker breathes the style of a solid rock concert, but fits effortlessly in the palm of your hand.

The chance that you will at least encounter a guitar amp (and mostly more) of Marshall at a rock concert is well…. 100%. After all, a pile of tough guys like that always do a good job translating the guitar sound to the audience. The brand can be called iconic and has been around for quite some time now. Probably all the big ones have worked with it.

In recent years, Marshall has also focused on the home user. With headphones and Bluetooth speakers. They all have the manufacturer’s distinctive look . The new Emberton Bluetooth speaker is no exception. Anyone with a little knowledge of the brand should swoon immediately.

360 degrees all around

The Marshall Emberton is equipped with True Stereophonic, a technique that ensures that the sound image covers 360 degrees. The speaker is not afraid of some water either, because IPX7 is water resistant (it can stand at a maximum depth of 1 meter for half an hour). What’s interesting is the playing time that the built-in battery, when fully charged, offers: no less than 20 hours. Fast charging of only 20 minutes already provides 5 hours of listening pleasure. At the time of writing the Emberton is only available in England, for an amount of £129. It will eventually come our way, we guess.

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