Metaxas And Sins Papillon 15″ studio tape recorder

Metaxas And Sins

Metaxas And Sins has released a new and eye-catching studio tape recorder. The high-end Papillon is a work of art in itself.

Metaxas And Sins is known for its uniquely designed high-end equipment. Where the love for technology and electronics is not concealed.

A now iconic example is this pre- and headphone amplifier from the Greek manufacturer. The new Papillon 15 inch studio tape recorder (or reel-to-reel) is a beauty to look at. The finish is simply finger licking good. The machine is made to measure for the customer. You can choose, for example, to go for a playback only model, or also a recording option.


In order to get a Metaxas And Sins Papillon, you have to be very fast. They only make ten of them. Do you happen to have the requested €45.000 (playback only) or €75.000 (including recording possibility and all other available options) and do you want to get the most out of your tapes that may be still lying around: order now.

The Papillon uses Maxon motors that have no problem with 2 inch tape. The machine is certainly not meant to just look at, but also to enjoy while playing music. The sound quality of tapes is still astonishingly good. And there are still a lot of gems of unique recordings from the past to be found. Some of them are crying out to be unlocked, hopefully some of the new Papillon’s will be in the hands of studios that will do that kind of work with them.

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