Primephonic from now on with virtual ‘cd booklet


The classic music streaming service Primephonic now delivers the virtual version of the old CD booklets with albums.

Ah yes, who remembers them: CDs with their mini booklets hidden in the cover with information about the album. It served as a cover at the same time, and you often found at least lyrics in it. But also sometimes explanations, more ‘philosophical’ expressions of artists, thank-you notes, fun and much more.

Now that streaming is about to be the norm in our musical landscape, (or the purchase of hi-res tracks and albums), the ‘cd booklet’ is no longer viable. And that makes it that the extra background information in that paper booklket, is lost as well. That is for example (even more) a problem with classic albums, where fans often found vital information about the performance. The classic streaming service Primephonic has changed that!

Virtual booklet included

At Primephonic, subscribers will now be able to see the virtual version of the time-honoured CD booklet. Not yet for all albums, but the intention is that this will soon be the case for almost the entire collection – currently consisting of 230,000 albums. It makes the music experience as a whole just a bit more complete.

Incidentally, a subscription to the Dutch Primephonic costs €9.99 per month for the standard subscription and €14.99 for the hi-res variant. You can try it all for free for 14 days, always interesting of course.

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