PSB Speakers to collaborate with Audiodo

PSB Speakers

Speaker manufacturer PSB Speakers is partnering with Audiodo to use their sound algorithms in future headphones.

They have not even been officially announced yet, but that there are headphones with Audiodo technology from PSB Speakers to come is now clear. The cooperation with the Swedish Audiodo – specialized in ‘personal audio technology’ says it all. PSB Audio is one of the pioneers in processing psycho-acoustic principles in his speaker designs. The headphones of this manufacturer have such a trick on board; it’s called RoomFeel. This should ensure that music optimized for listening in a room with all kinds of objects and walls still sounds just as good when those walls and other things disappear. In other words: if you are going to listen with headphones.

Personal profile

Audiodo’s technology goes a step further. It makes it possible for users to completely adjust the sound image produced by headphones to their personal hearing abilities. No superfluous luxury, according to the company, because even the left and right ear are not equal. Via a measurement app that runs through all kinds of tests and questions with a user, a perfectly fitting profile is created. And that should guarantee even better sounding music. Also in new headphones of the Canadian PSB Speakers.

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