QDC Blue Dragon in-ears: most expensive in-ear in the world


QDC’s Blue Dragon appears to be the most expensive in-ear in the world. But there is something in return, of course.

The Chinese QDC has reportedly released the world’s most expensive in-ears. The Blue Dragon costs $12,580, not an amount most people carelessly pay for a set of earplugs. Eighteen months of development preceded the final product. The Blue Dragon is built around the driver of the Anole X, which means that a total of ten drivers are used per earplug.

The output characteristics can be adjusted to your listening preferences. The cabling is made of pure silver conductors, silver plated crystalline copper and palladium. A 2.5 mm balanced connector completes the signal path.

Packed with sapphires as decoration

The housing of the QDC Blue Dragon is made of titanium ‘soldered’ with gold. It goes without saying that an ergonomic design has been chosen. And because the eye also wants something, these housings are covered with a total of 800 sapphires. Also very nice for anyone who wants to stand out.

For many – given the price – it will of course be necessary to save a lot of money. But no doubt the true lover will not be disappointed by that. What the QDC Blue Dragon proves in any case, is that manufacturers take the in-ear seriously. The Blue Dragon is – at the time of writing – not yet to be found on the site of manufacturer QDC, but we found it (see image above) at webshop MusicTeck.

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