Ruark R3: CD, streaming and radio in one cabinet


Always handy, this Ruark R3. You listen to the radio with it, but stream music just as easily with it. Or you can listen (again) to that ‘old’ CD. So: anything you like!

The British Ruark is known for, among other things, his ‘table radios’ with a classic appearance. Where radio is a gross understatement, because they are much more all-in-ones. As the new R3 clearly shows. In addition to an FM and DAB/DAB+ tuner you will also find a media player, which besides DLNA also supports well-known streaming services such as Tidal, Amazon Music and Deezer. Also useful is the built-in CD player, because what music lover does not have a stack of those silver discs? Well: now you can bring them (back) to your musical life with a little help from the Ruark R3!

All the sources in the R3 are amplified by a 30 Watt amplifier, enough to fill a room with sound.


For connection to the (home) network you can choose between wireless lan (wifi) or ethernet. The latter option obviously provides the most stable network connection. If you have other sources that you would like to connect to the Ruark R3, you can do so via one of the two available sets of RCA line inputs. Or go for digital via the optical input. There is also a USB-C connection available for both playback and charging of a connected device. The wooden housing is available in the colours soft grey and walnut, precisely tuned to the NS+ according to Ruark. An OLED display shows a clock and other relevant information. The R3 costs £629.

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