TAGA Harmony PF-500 line filter

Taga Harmony

The new – and affordable – mains filter from TAGA Harmony stops annoying mains interference. In the year 2020 no superfluous luxury.

The mains voltage is getting more ‘polluted’ than ever in the average household. And that has to do with, for example, cheap switching power supplies, such as those found in LED lights, telephone chargers of unknown origin, household appliances and so on. In the meantime, the interference signals that such sources introduce into the mains voltage can also come from outside the home.

In principle, an electronic device equipped with a mains voltage should not be affected by this. If only because almost every device has its own built-in switching power supply. But… it is just a bit more nuanced with audio equipment. Sometimes there is a less successful mains filter build in and you can hear that. Think of noise or other disturbing noises in the worst case. But sometimes it also leads to a less ‘open’ sound for the listener. A mains filter can be the answer.

The Polish TAGA Harmony with the PF-500 filter proves that such an accessory does not have to be expensive.

Noise filtering and surge protection

Armed with five available connections, the TAGA Harmony PF-500 can power a hi-fi set. Two of these connections are not filtered, but directly connected. You can, for example, plug some other stuf. Or a power amp that cannot be filtered. The other three are filtered. The maximum peak current is 1000 Amps and the maximum peak voltage is 3000 Volts. Connected devices are protected against peaks and a phase detector is also provided. The price of this beauty is below €100, so worth considering.

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