Technics SL-1210GAE Limited Edition direct drive turntable


Because of its 55th anniversary this year, Technics released the SL-1210GAE Limited Edition direct drive turntable. Something for the real enthusiast!

Since the beginning in 1965 Technics has been supplying the world with a wide variety of audio products, such as loudspeaker systems, amplifiers and audio players. To mark the brand’s 55th anniversary, this year it is releasing the SL-1210GAE Limited Edition direct drive turntable. This special model is based on the internationally renowned Grand Class SL-1200G Hi-Fi turntable and has an all-black colour scheme, which has already proved popular with other recent Technics products.


Technics has worked exclusively for the SL-1210GAE with Nagaoka, the Japanese manufacturer of pickup elements, to combine this turntable with the excellent JT-1210 pickup element. This makes the limited SL-1210GAE an even more attractive collector’s item. The SL-1210GAE is now – June 2020 – available, and will be limited to only 700 pieces throughout Europe. Chances are you just bought another version, but no worries: maybe you are still lucky to score this anniversary model elsewhere in the world.

In any case, the device looks very cool And it will undoubtedly cause admiring looks from guests. Though it’s still about the sound, of course. More information about the special player can be found on this product page.

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