Tex Tone presents artful speakers

Tex Tone

The New Zealand Tex Tone has a series of special Art Speakers in its product line-up. These speakers are equipped with equally special works of art.

Nobody has ever said that a speaker should be boring and uniformly colored and (or) designed. And so Tex Tone has a number of artists work on their speakers.

The man behind this New Zealand company – Tex Houston – is a familiar face in that world. He is not only a music lover, but has also done a lot of active work in that field. Among other things, he was co-owner of the legendary Fish Street Studios in Dunedin. Apart from his musical work, Houston ultimately wanted to bring speakers to the market that sounded just as good at home as the best active studio monitors. And also looked beautiful. And so arose the Tex Tone Classic speakers.

Artistic finish

The speakers are also without the works of art, different from many other speakers. They have a smooth and rounded housing and are equipped with a special kind of cloth. But even then, it can always be done better Tex Tone must have thought. And so it invited a number of famous New Zealand artists.

A successful incentive, as you can see for yourself here. However, you do pay a little more for the Art Speakers than the standard Classic version: $5600 (American) dollar versus $4500.

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