‘We Are Rewind’ portable cassette player

We Are Rewind

‘We Are Rewind’ has released a brand new portable cassette player. Equipped with Bluetooth, it is ready for a wireless future.

Have you been looking for that unique feeling from your childhood? That feeling of freedom and intimacy from the eighties and nineties? Where you just walked around with a walkman on the street, loaded with a homemade soft rustling mix tape? Then you can indulge yourself with the new We Are Rewind cassette player.

The French manufacturer developed the device together with AV Industry. It looks at least very robust. What’s special is that in addition to a 3.5 mm headphone output, a Bluetooth 5.0 module is also built in. This allows you to pair any self-respecting Bluetooth headset or speaker. Another practical feature is the built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, which provides 10 hours of playing time when fully charged.


If you want to make a rock-solid mix tape, you can do so thanks to the built-in recording function. The player is encased in a sleek aluminium housing and is available in three colours: orange, blue and grey. If you order the We Are Rewind cassette player now, as a pre-order, you pay €89. The final regular price will be €129. And of course, that’s all over the top! By the way – by the way – a device like this will also come in handy for another retro-hobby: old homecomputers. Transfer the data cassettes of yesteryear to an audio file that you can use in an emulator again.

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