Abacus Electronics mains filter cable

Abacus Electronics

The German company Abacus Electronics has released a power cable with an integrated filter to keep annoying (HF) disturbances out.

There are all kinds of – often literally – fantastic products on the market that pretend to protect your hi-fi equipment against all kinds of outside interference. In extreme cases, these are a kind of almost magical products that do not even need to be electrically connected. Abacus Electronics keeps itself far from this almost religious approach. Hard science is what counts. And so you will find ordinary electronics in the new power cord with filter. Capacitors prevent unwanted HF components; an inductor allows the desired part of the mains voltage to pass through. In fact an effective low-pass filter.

Low passage

No mysterious and inexplicable hassle, just pure electronics. Always nice to know that you are buying something that physically just works. Incidentally, according to Abacus Electronics, the filter must operate in both directions. In other words: on the one hand, contamination of the mains voltage is stopped, but any HF noise caused by a switching power supply in the connected device is also neatly stopped.

Furthermore, the filter offers protection against DC offset, i.e. a DC component on the AC voltage. Convenient, because it prevents an overly loud buzzing transformer, for example, or – depending on the cause – humming noises from a speaker. The Abacus Electronics filter cable is available in various lengths for an amount of €243.70

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