AKG presents new wireless headphones


Samsung – the current owner of AKG – has released new wireless headphones under the latter brand name: the Y600 NC and the Y400.

Both new AKG and Samsung headphones feature Ambient Aware and new Talk Thru technology, which should prevent annoying echoes during calls. In addition, they last a long time with a battery charge and fast charging via USB-C is supported. The most extensive newcomer is the Y600 NC, which, as the name suggests, has active noise cancelling. A handy automatic pause-play function makes daily use just that little bit more practical.

Very interesting is the playing time on a full battery: no less than 25 hours. And if the headphones unexpectedly become empty at an inconvenient moment, only 10 minutes of fast charging via USB-C is enough for another four hours of playing time. Particularly nice about this AKG is the volume-controlled rotating earcup cover.

AKG Y400

The AKG Y400 is lighter in weight; in fact, it’s more like mini headphones. Again a nice long playing time on a full battery: 20 hours. Plus the option to listen for a few hours again via a short quick charge. Active noise cancelling is missing on this model and unfortunately you have to do it without rotating discs for volume control.

The AKG Y600 NC is available in black gold and silver for €229. With the AKG Y400 you can choose from the colors black, blue, green, pink and pink gold. The price of this model is £109 (price in Euro’s not yet known at the time of writing).


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