Alpha Audio now on Soundcloud

At the request of readers and viewers of Alpha Audio, we have made our interviews and Q and A’s available on Soundcloud. This makes it easier to listen to the interviews that are of interestest to you. For example: if you are on the move, you don’t need to go to Youtube and start the video if you just want to listen to the audio. Convenience above all!

Alpha Audio has never created Podcasts. The focus just isn’t there. And honestly, we’re not really going to make pure Podcasts. But what we are going to do is make all the relevant interviews (and the Q and A’s) available on Soundcloud. So primarily we’ll make video-productions and extract the audio from the video for postings on Soundcloud. There are in fact readers and viewers who enjoy consuming this ‘audio only’. And who are we to stop that: Alpha Audio is there for you. It’s as simple as that.

Lots of content

While ‘filling’ Soundcloud we noticed that we already interviewed a lot of interesting people. We talk to a lot of people at shows, but also outside shows we have interviewed a lot of interesting people.

Now we can not convert everything to Soundcloud, but so far we have 13 interviews processed into an audio stream. Some we still had ‘lossless’ on the server, others were taken from Youtube and processed. The audio stream has been mastered and some are edited, so that everything sounds more pleasing to the ear.

The Q and A’s have also been put on Soundcloud. These pleasant conversations with you – mostly in Dutch – take place every 2nd Friday of the month and always lead to interesting insights and ideas for new articles.

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