Apple in defense of accusations Koss


As is to be expected, Apple has defended itself against what they consider to be unfounded claims that the company has violated several of Koss’ patents.

Patents, it’s all nonsense. Koss recently sued Apple for alleged injustice the tech giant did to them.

Among other things, Koss alleges that Apple has gone on the rampage with its predictions regarding wireless headphones. And that Apple would even have used unsolicited patented designs. Designs that, due to ‘market conditions’, never led to products that were actually available at the time. Meanwhile, Apple has – of course – objected to the patent war unleashed by Koss. It considers the claims to be unfounded. And somewhere it looks a bit like ‘moaning about once missed opportunities that someone else has taken advantage of’, of course.

Trump card

Apple has filed the objections with the local California court. And added a trump card. The tech giant reports that Koss has signed a confidentiality agreement with Apple. This happened as early as the start of talks on the issues between the two companies, in 2017.

Also, it states in black and white that none of the communication may be shared with the outside world. And also that disputes remain behind closed doors, while lawsuits are also out of the question.

Koss now seems to have violated that gentlemen’s agreement. Apart from the defense against the original accusations of the headphone manufacturer, it seems that Apple now has a very strong defense in its hands. Incidentally, Koss brought the case before the Texas court. The Texan court is expected to await the verdict of the Californian court. That could be a long and costly process for the loser.

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