Audio Pro SW-10 subwoofer for multiroom speakers

Audio Pro

The Swedish Audio Pro has released the SW-10; a subwoofer for the A26 and A36 multiroom capable wireless speakers.

The A26 and A36 from Audio Pro are both wireless stereo speakers with multiroom capabilities. Apparently they can use a little extra bass, as shown by the brand new SW-10 subwoofer released by the manufacturer and specially designed for use in combination with the mentioned speaker models.

According to Audio Pro, the SW-10 is a premium model. The manufacturer thought it was important to take into account the fact that the subwoofer should feel perfectly at home in a home cinema setting. And they succeeded in that perspective. In other words: mainly use it in such a setup.

Once started with subwoofers

The price of the Audio Pro SW-10 is not yet known at the time of writing. But if all goes well, the sub will been launched at the end of July or is just on the verge of being released. Incidentally, this is not the first subwoofer of this brand. They released other subs. But not very recent. With the SW-10, Audio Pro actually gets back to its roots… well… in a certain way that is. The knowledge about this type of speaker is in any case available in house, which is always pleasant.

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