AVM gives a look behind the scenes


AVM uses a promotional film to show how their products are made. And that’s always fun for anyone who has the slightest technical insight.

How is a piece of high-end audio created, and how many people are actually involved in its development? These questions, among others, are answered in AVM’s promo video, which can be seen on YouTube, among others.

AVM ‘boss’ Udo Besser tells the story of his company to you personally. And takes you behind the scenes for an extensive look, which is always interesting.


In short: if you have a little time left and want to see how an enthusiastic company with equally enthusiastic employees manufactures high-end audio equipment, then the video is highly recommended.

By the way, we were alerted by a message at the German Fairaudio.

So AVM is a manufacturer of a range of high-end equipment, including for example the AVM Evolution PA5.2, the Ovation A6.3 and the Ovation SA6.2. On the homepage of the company you will find all the nice things that are produced in their factory. And now you know how it is put together!

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