EPOS EXPAND 80 speakerphone for larger meeting rooms


EPOS has unveiled a range of speakerphones designed for medium to large meeting rooms: the EXPAND 80 series.

The EXPAND 80 series from EPOS is the very first speakerphone for larger meeting rooms, and is – according to the manufacturer – ‘an example of EPOS’ mission to provide premium audio experiences through high technology and contemporary design; an underlining of the core of the brand as an industry leader in the modern meeting room’.

To continue: “As the world gets smaller and smaller, and teams from different countries have to consult with each other, the office as we know it continues to undergo significant changes, as do the ways we work. This requires more flexible and external work environments, and meetings need to become more virtual than ever before. Changes in workplaces such as the advent of open workspaces are creating a high demand for meeting rooms, of all sizes, where professionals can consult freely. With the introduction of the EXPAND 80 series, EPOS is responding to the needs of modern employees, complementing its range of superior audio solutions for today’s meeting room.

Seamless collaboration regardless of location

The EXPAND 80 series is the first product in the company’s portfolio under its own brand, and is a scalable Bluetooth speakerphone for up to 16 participants in the room – designed to bring together colleagues indoors and outdoors meeting rooms around the world. With six adaptive, beamforming microphones, and DSP that intelligently isolates the human voice from room reverberation and sound, EXPAND 80 ensures that every participant in the room can be heard, and that external colleagues appear to be sitting at the same table. Theis Moerk , Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions: “The EXPAND 80 series is the finishing touch to our range of high-end speakerphones, now suitable for both small and large meeting rooms. The EXPAND 80 is the latest addition to our portfolio and underlines our ambition to provide professionals with everything they need for optimal productivity and performance. The integration of Microsoft Teams is an essential part of this and will provide users with a single tool that will allow them to truly focus on their work”


EPOS: “With its powerful, ultra-low distortion speaker in a unique patent-pending floating speaker box, EXPAND 80 fills the room with excellent sound, offering superior duplex performance for simultaneous speech and natural conversation between participants.
For even larger meetings, users can add up to two expansion microphones – the EXPAND 80 Mic – allowing them to adapt to the requirements of their sector, while maintaining a professional and stylish conference table with smart cable management designed for optimum system operation and ease of use. Regardless of where and when, the EXPAND 80 provides real-time meeting capability – leading to the confidence and clarity that underpins increased collective productivity’.


The EXPAND 80 series also offers additional audio performance, as users can easily pair via Bluetooth, USB-C or NFC, if available. In addition, multi-point connectivity, a simple user interface and one-touch access to a preferred speech assistant ensure dynamic meetings. Finally, depending on user needs and preferences, the EXPAND 80 is available in two versions: the UC-optimized EXPAND 80 and the EXPAND 80T certified for Microsoft Teams, for an intuitive and streamlined experience with a dedicated button where the app is launched in an instant.

Craftsmanship and striking Scandinavian design

The EXPAND 80 is made of high quality materials and has a compact, lightweight design in which the cables can be conveniently rolled up. With fabric from the renowned textile company Kvadrat – an international forerunner in the field of design innovation producing high-quality design textiles – users enjoy an excellent sound experience and minimalist aesthetics at their workplace. EXPAND 80 builds on the features of the brand’s EXPAND product line and is a true audio collaboration solution, specially designed to meet the different needs of professionals working together at different workplaces, locations and within different time zones. EXPAND 80 focuses on medium to large meeting rooms, and has been added to the portfolio to support meeting rooms of all sizes. This product underscores EPOS’ ambition to make communication with colleagues and customers a simple matter of plug-and-play, as EPOS announced in the newcomer’s announcement. Read more about the EXPAND series here.

Availability and price

  • Product availability EXPAND 80: 3 August 2020
  • Product availability EXPAND 80T: Certification in progress
  • Product availability EXPAND 80 Mic: October 2020
  • The EXPAND 80 and 80T recommended retail price: €649
  • The EXPAND 80 Mic recommended retail price: €179

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