For outside: The New Soundboks outdoor speakers


There are always those people who would like to hear a loud tune in, for example, the garden. For those people, there are The New Soundboks.

Well, the answer to the question of whether it’s convenient to install a pair of sturdy outdoor speakers in your city garden is in this case left in the middle. The fact is that there is a need for ‘outdoor music’. We ourselves would then be more likely to opt for headphones, for social reasons. But if you don’t have any neighbors in the vicinity, a pair of outdoor speakers like The New Soundboks – indeed, newly released – can be quite nice.

The now third generation of these speakers more or less fills the gap between Bluetooth speakers and PA systems.

Add a touch

The maximum sound pressure that The New Soundboks can deliver is 126 dB (SPL). The speakers can be connected wirelessly, are impact and water resistant and have an exchangeable battery. Pairing is – as mentioned above – either wireless via Bluetooth or traditionally connected via a cable to the available cinch and XLR inputs.

A fully charged battery provides 40 hours of playing time without a power outlet. As you may suspect by now, these are active speakers with a built-in Class D power amplifier, or more correctly: 3 pieces each with a power of up to 72 watts RMS.

Through a corresponding free app sets things like volume, equalizer and various DSP presets. The New Soundboks are available in black, orange and silver. In addition, a limited edition with a front panel designed by artists should be available this month. In this way they will be supported during the corona crisis. The speakers cost €973 per pair (a single one costs €899 by the way, so the choice for a pair is quickly made).

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