Hifistudio79 official sales point Benelux for SMSL


The Zoetermeer Hifistudio79 may call itself the official point of sale for SMSL in the Benelux. Always handy to know.

Hifistudio79 has become the official point of sale for SMSL in the Benelux, so let the company know via a press release. Of course they are very happy with it: ‘We are proud to announce that we also have included SMSL in our range. This brand is an addition to our existing range’. To continue: ‘Hifistudio79 is now known for good products at affordable prices, with SMLS we again have one of the functional manufacturers of good designed affordable audio. With the products of SMSL we can offer you even more solutions for your audio problems’.

On to Zoetermeer

So it should be clear where you can find SMSL’s products if you live in flat ‘Holland’ (and Luxembourg as well, although it is a bit less ‘flat’ there). SMSL has a range of affordable audio products. Including amplifiers and DACs as well as a linear power supply. Also for something like a headphone amplifier you can come to this brand, or go for a Bluetooth receiver to modernize your existing hi-fi system. You can find the products on the website of Hifistudio79, together with a range of other brands.

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