in-akustik releases reference albums on tape


Lover of the time-honoured tapes (those reel-to-reel copies)? Then in-akustik has four tape albums ready for you!

Retro’s all hot. There’s no doubt about that. After vinyl and cassette, the old tape can also rejoice an increasing interest. Of course, the percentage of fans of retro sound is still a fraction of modern digital listeners. But the group is certainly big enough to be commercially interesting.

That’s what in-akustik sees. They have released four Reference Sound Edition albums on tape. These are available in 19 cm/s and 18 cm/s recording speeds, with RESO mastering applied. This should lead to clear improvements in acoustics in terms of transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and better gradations in the bass.


The recording of the in-akustik albums is done on precisely tuned studio-tape recorders. The tapes can output up to 0 dB, using a special recording head. This had to ensure a high output which, according to the makers, is absolutely distortion-free. The recording quality achieved is therefore higher than you could ever achieve with your own tape recorder.

You’ll find the four new in-akustik band-albums right here. The starting price is €329 per album. The price gets higher if you choose a higher recording speed, or go for a package price. Think for example of a tape plus vinyl version or CD with it.

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