JAZZ RE:REFRESHED this year online


Festivals and COVID don’t get along that well. That’s why JAZZ RE:REFRESHED chose to go online for his 2020 edition of its annual ‘happening’.

This Sunday – August 23rd – JAZZ RE:REFRESHED presents its jazz festival via a YouTube stream that this time has to take place behind closed doors. But because of the collaboration with Bluesound and MQA, jazz lovers can also enjoy a live stream in MQA quality. This can be accessed via Bluesound’s BluBluOS Controller app.

If you have a BluOS-capable device and you like jazz, it will be enjoyed between 5pm and 9pm this Sunday. NAD Electronics, DALI speakers and Monitor Audio run on BluOS, so the target group is fairly large.

Live via YouTube and BluOS

On the four hour show names like Binker Golding, Sahra Gure, Steam Down, Ms Maurice, Golden Mean, Jas Kayser and Anthony Joseph are programmed. Normally JAZZ RE:REFRESHED covers a full day and is held in the Brighton Dome. But now you can enjoy it at home in the living room, quite comfortable actually. And if you don’t have a BluOS device, then there’s that said YouTube channel that’s live between five and nine on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

There is even more ‘niceness’ to find for jazz lovers, so also before and after Sunday evening you can go there.

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