Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine

Keith Monks

Keith Monks has released the Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine. No more excuse not to keep your vinyl spotlessly clean.

As always, we keep ourselves far from the discussion what sounds better: vinyl or digital. What is in any case a fact, is that vinyl gets dirty. It is a magnet for dust particles. And that’s what you’re going to hear anyway. So it is important to keep your record collection clean, unless you find the clicks and noises a nice, ‘romantic’ bonus.

By now, we don’t do cleaning in the sink with soapy water – as was often the case in the old days. We now use a special washer for this, like the new Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine. The washer is in any case – as the manufacturer informs us – quiet. So quiet, that you can listen to a piece of music from an already clean record without disturbance during the washing process.

Vacuum cleaner

Keith Monks’ Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine contains a kind of vacuum cleaner that empties the grooves via an arm. A multicolour light increases the washing pleasure. You can vacuum both sides of an LP in about five minutes. And if you want it, this Prodigy can also wash CDs, Blu-rays, CD-ROMs and laser discs. The operation is simple: apply the cleaning fluid to the disc using the included microfibre roller. Then the piston goes to work. The advantage of this method is that fresh, clean cleaning fluid is always used.

By the way, we found the picture above on Keith Monks’ Facebook page, on the company’s website the new washer cannot yet be found at the time of writing.

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