Linn Majik DSM network player-amplifier


Linn has released the new Majik DSM network player amplifier, including a plethora of new features and capabilities.

Linn has refreshed his bestseller of the past ten years in the field of digital streamers. The Majik DSM has a completely renewed list of possibilities, an equally new look plus of course, according to the manufacturer, an impressive performance boost.

According to the manufacturer, the aforementioned ten years of experience in the field of digital streaming, has led to a level of performance that both the predecessors of Linn itself and the competition in the shade. For example, an update in the DAC section has been realized, but also power amplification and volume control are now under the control of a platform with more processing power.

Many innovations and Class D amplifier

The DAC architecture is derived from Linn’s market-leading Katalyst technology. And that includes improved upsampling, a lower noise reference voltage and a clock with ultra-low jitter values. The latter should provide better overall accuracy in terms of timing.

Furthermore, there is the Class D power amplifier that also has more accuracy and therefore, musical details, than ever before. Finally, you can use Linn Space Optimisation technology. This guarantees the optimization of speakers in an individual room. That way you are always assured of equally optimal sounding sound.

Analog including MM phono preamplifier

You will also find four HDMI 2.0 4K inputs on the Linn Majik DSM. An analogue input is also available. This is configurable as a line input or MM phono input. If you would like to connect the streamer to a laptop or PC: no problem thanks to the intended USB input. Wifi and Bluetooth ensure wireless connectivity. And do you want to build a complete system with the Majik? Then it’s nice to know that there are various matching components. Below the complete list, for completeness (all prices ex VAT):

  • Majik DSM: €2950
  • Majik LP12 with new Karousel bearing: €2930
  • Majik 109 speakers: €1020
  • Majik 140 speakers: €1950
  • Special finish for LP12 skirting board: €330
  • Special finish for Majik 109 speakers: €490
  • Special finish for Majik 140 speakers: €650

For the complete Linn Majik system – including special finishing for LP12 and 109 speaker – you pay €7720 ex VAT.

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