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Live Mass-test amplifiers -2500 euro

Next Saturday – 22-08-2020 – we will – if all goes well – test eight amplifiers. Live on camera: with you! The amplifiers are in the price range of 2500 euro. Of course we also have some ‘strange’ models in the line-up. 

We did our best to get as many interesting models as possible. We also provided some variety with a tubular model (PrimaLuna), a pre-/ power combination (Advance Paris) and a cheaper model (NAD C388). The so called ‘strange’ models. This can show you what you can do, or may expect when you make certain choices.

If everything comes in, we have:

  • Yamaha A-S1200 (2500 euro)
  • Primare I25 (2500 euro)
  • Advance Paris X-P500 and X-A160 (2500 total)
  • NAD C388 (1800 bare, with modules 2500 euro)
  • Prima Luna EVO100 (2450 euro)
  • Denon PMA 2500NE (2500 euro)
  • Hegel H120 (2500 euro)
  • NAIM NAIT XS3 (2800 euro)

Live Multitest integrated amplifiers


  1. Since I am in the market for an integrated amplifier, I found the
    comparison test of great interest. You review noted that the Hegel
    H 95 would be included in the test. Perhaps I missed something
    but I did not hear your comments on this amplifier. I would like to ‘
    know how the H95 compares to the tested amplifiers and if moving
    up to the H190 changes things Thanks Jim

    1. Personally I don’t think the H95 would compete with the best in this group. But it does have a streamer and dac build in. I do think the Primare is a better choice for a lot of speakers. The H190 has more power and – I think – a better dac. The streamer still lacks a lot of features though.

  2. Thanks Jaap! I have a pair of Harbeth P3ERS and I am trying to find a good
    amplifier match. Most of my listening is streaming, so I could buy a Naim Nova,
    or an entry Naim amp and streamer, or a Primare i35. What do you think is
    a good system match? I am open to other options, as well. By the way your
    articles and videos are top notch. Kind regards Jim

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