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Grimm MU-1

This Saturday – August 15, 2020, 10:30 CEST – we are going to have a good talk with the Grimm Audio Guys. Eelco Grimm and Guido Tent have earned their stripes in the miraculous world of high-end audio. Well: in fact both on the hi-fi side and in the studio world. But we are wondering: where does it all start? How do they incorporate their knowledge in their products? And what else do they occupy themselves with? You’ll find out on Saturday. And if you have any questions: hook up and ask your questions via the chat!

Grimm Audio is a company with a rich history. And with people who have been around for decades. The combined knowledge is unprecedented and – in our opinion – audible. We have the two ‘front men’ at our table this Saturday. We will try to find out what drives Guido Tent and Eelco Grimm. Where do they get the energy from? What makes them happy? How do they deal with criticism? What makes their products unique? And what do they do besides their work?

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