Naim Audio Sound System for Pininfarina Battista

Naim Audio

Naim Audio has designed a 1300 Watt ‘sound experience’ especially for the electric sports car Pininfarina Battista for some musical entertainment on the road.

If you happen to own an electric Pininfarina Battista (or better: have you ordered one, because they are not there yet), then Naim Audio has designed a suitable audio system for it. It consists of, among other things, ten speakers incorporated into the interior of the electric car.

By the way, we do advise you to order the Battista first and only then the sound system. Only 150 handmade copies of the car will be released, so it would be a shame if you will soon be stuck with an audio system that is not suitable for other cars.

Anyway, the total power of the Naim Sound System is 1300 Watts. A nice detail is that it not only allows you to listen to music, but also produces an appropriate ‘engine sound’ when you need it. It should enhance the feeling of speed in the mostly silent electric car. Always handy, because the Battista has a top speed of 350 km/h and if you then still feel like you’re driving 80 it’s less… impressive.

Just a little more patience

Among other things, the Naim Audio Sound System uses a dual-coil subwoofer placed between the driver’s and passenger seats. It goes without saying that the entire installation has been made to match the interior of the car. The car itself will be available from somewhere next year, which will undoubtedly also apply to the audio system.

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