Neil Young Archives breaks Facebook and Google logins

Neil Young Archives

It seems so easy: quickly log in or log in via your Facebook or Google Account. However, Neil Young Archives does not agree with the politics of both companies and so it cut out those options!

That Neil Young was and is somewhat politically engaged is obviously an understatement. The fact that he is also not a fan of the current American president Trump should not come as a big surprise. That we recently found an e-mail concerning the fact that Neil Young Archives (or NYA) – with the complete collection of music of the great master online – is going to stop using Facebook and Google login is not really a surprise in that perspective.

In the mail we read, among other things:

‘We have been working on this project for a couple of months now. Trying to get rid of the corrupt social media platforms is a costly and time-consuming process for NYA. Our disconnect costs will be close to $20,000, while treating our customers and subscribers with respect’


The reason for the departure of Facebook (and Google) is also made clear:

‘Facebook deliberately allows untruths and lies in its political ads on the platform, and bots sow discord among users. Spreading dissenting opinions and chaos in our country through political disinformation is something we cannot justify. To put it simply: Facebook is messing with our elections’.

Why exactly Google is being dumped for is not really clear from the manifesto. It probably has to do with a completely different structure of the platform – in terms of logins – under the hood. And then it is simply a matter of all or nothing. In itself, the offered alternative – logging in using an e-mail address and password – is better for your privacy anyway. Facebook and Google know far too much about people, partly thanks to this ‘user-friendly’ quick login via their system. So let a tear to the action of the Neil Young Archives? On the contrary. However, if you are using an NYA account, you will need to convert it to a mail password account the next time you log in. But that’s how it’s done!

Below is the NYA statement regarding their farewell to the Facebook and Google login method:

Neil Young Archives
Neil Young Archives’ explanation of the break with Facebook and Google as a login method


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