Rotel Michi X5 and X3 integrated amplifiers


Rotel has released the Michi X5 and X3 integrated amplifiers, which obviously fit seamlessly into the beloved Michi series.

The Rotel Michi X5 is the most comprehensive integrated amplifier of the newly launched duo X5 and X3. You will find 14 analog and digital inputs on it, including XLR, PC-USB with DSD, DoP and also MQA-rendering is possible.

For wireless enthusiasts there is Bluetooth that supports both apt-X and AAC. And for vinyl enthusiasts, there is a phono input for MM and MC cartridges. As a DAC chip, Rotel has opted for a copy of AKM, with a maximum quality of 32 bit / 768 kHz. Two toroidal transformers are used for the power supply. The maximum output power is 600 Watt in 4 Ohm and 350 Watt in 8 Ohm.


The Rotel X3 is the smaller brother of the X5. The output power of this integrated amplifier is up to 350 Watt in 4 Ohm and 200 Watt in 8 Ohm. This time a power supply based on a single toroidal transformer has been chosen. You have 13 inputs at your disposal, while Bluetooth apt-X is also available. The phono input is intended for MM cartridges.

The Rotel Michi X5 costs €7000 and the X3 changes owners for €5000. Available from November this year, so please be patient. On the website of the manufacturer you can’t find anything about the new devices at the time of writing, we found the image above in a message from the German Modernhifi.

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