Synergistic Research Orange Fuses: get 3, pay 2

Synergistic Research

Saving money is always nice. So this promotional initiative by Kemp Electronics, concerning the Synergistic Research Orange Fuses is more than welcome.

Fuses seem to many undoubtedly the most boring parts there are. It is just a melting wire in a – mostly – transparent or non-transparent cylinder. We couldn’t make it any easier, could we? Well, for audiophiles there is a lot to improve on this simple but essential gem. Poor connections and transition resistors can for example be a cause of voltage drops, noise and other disturbances. And so the purists prefer – well – purist audiophile fuses. That is possible, for example, with the ‘special’ fuses by Synergistic Research: the Orange Fuses. Kemp Electronics has a nice deal on those…

Definitely extra for nothing!

Ronald Kemp of Kemp Electronics e-mails: ‘There is no other tweak or upgrade in this price range (to even much higher) that has so much positive effect on your image and sound as replacing a standard fuse by an Orange Fuse. We at Kemp Elektroniks are so convinced of the quality of these Synergistic Research fuses that a 30 day money back guarantee applies. During the month of August Kemp Elektroniks offers the third one free of charge when buying two fuses’.

Always nice, isn’t it, such an extra? By the way, you can find Kemp Elektroniks at Quellijnstraat 9&15 in Amsterdam.

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