Titan Audio presents Nyx and Helios power strips

Titan Audio

Northern Ireland’s Titan Audio has released two new power strips: the Nyx and Helios; the latter contains an automatic fuse.

Titan Audio from Belfast has released the Nyx and Helios power strips. Internally they are both wired in such a way that all connections can deliver full power. So there are no losses, something that will happen with the standard plug-in blocks. Internally, those products use a shared conductor strip that ‘cripples’ performance:: the socket furthest away from the input does not provide the same performance as the nearest. Not very convenient of course, but all the value for money.

Mechanical fuse

The Nyx is an ‘unsecured’ socket, while the Helios has a fast mechanical fuse on board. This breaks the circuit as soon as the requested current exceeds 15 A. This is a resetable protection, so your Titan Audio Helios remains usable even after an electrical accident.

By the way, this is the first time that Titan Audio has built in such a protection. After extensive research by the manufacturer, it was a conscious decision to opt for a mechanical solution and not an electronic one, is because an electronic one can introduce interference and noise. In short: all deliciously optimized for the purists who want to provide the purest possible power supply to their connected equipment. The Nyx costs £150 and the Helios £300, of course also available with ‘our’ connections.




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