Vertere Acoustics presents Techno mat

Vertere Acoustics

Vertere Acoustics has released a new turntable mat on which your precious vinyl can rest comfortably.

Part of vinyl enthusiasts actually do not feel comfortable placing an LP without further protection on a turntable platter. There will undoubtedly be the fear of scratches or other damages. Hence Vertere Acoustics once listened to this group of customers. And they released the new Techno mat. In other words: a mat that you put on a turntable.

The bottom – or the part that makes contact with the actual turntable – consists of a fibre material that is linked to a cork polymer layer on which your vinyl is laid. The top layer (actually the underside, because Vertere Acoustics reasons from bottom to top) must provide a kind of air cushion. Together with the cork layer it should, according to the manufacturer, provide as neutral support as possible.


There are two versions of the mat available: a version with a 4.5 mm hole in the middle for use with the Vertere MG-1, SG-1 and RG-1 turntables and a version with a 7 mm hole in the middle for use with all other turntables. A nice extra is the printed strobo ring with which you can adjust the rotation speed of your turntable by means of a stroboscope. The recommended retail price for the Vertere Acoustics Techno mat is £130.

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