Xiaomi releases transparent TV


Whether it’s really useful for home-use? Nah… probably not. But at least Xiaomi’s transparent TV is coming!

Chinese Xiaomi presents the Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition. This transparent OLED TV is the first model in the world to enjoy mass production, making it available to everyone.

The big advantage of the device is that when it is switched off, it is simply a transparent piece of glass. And thus no longer a big, plumpy black rectangle. That can have its advantages, the television is suddenly much less emphatically present in the living room. By the way, the 55 inch model has a 150000:1 static contrast value and an infinitely dynamic contrast, the manufacturer says.

Furthermore, it is a device and panel with 10-bit color depth that is able to show 1.07 billion colors, much more than the human eye can distinguish. Furthermore, the refresh rate is 120 Hz and 120 Hz MEMC for smoother moving images and low latency gaming ready. So the Xiaomi Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition is clearly more than just a gimmick.

Smart thinking sound

On the sound side, this Xiaomi TV has AI Master for Audio, a system that is able to analyze what exactly is played back and then adjusts the sound. Dolby Atmos isn’t missing either. The custom made user interface is specially optimized for the transparent screen and shows the best of it. Furthermore, we think that a transparent screen like this will also do best in museums, for example, where objects behind it can be provided with comments and more. The device has a price tag of (converted approximately) $7200 American dollar.

By the way, the picture above is from the Xiaomi Facebook page.

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