Apple introduces all-in-one package for its services


Music lovers who also have the patience to wait for Apple’s video service to fill up and are not averse to the occasional game: pay attention!

Apple has announced the new Apple One subscription, which will also be available in the Netherlands sometime this autumn. It bundles four services. It costs €14.95 per month (€19.95 for a family Sub). This gives you access to four services at once. First of all the well-filled Apple Music, next to that the slowly but steadily growing Apple TV+ and also Apple Arcade. As the icing on the cake, you’ll also get extra iCloud online storage.

In short: an interesting offer in itself, as long as you use more than one of the services offered at the same time. For example, if you already have a subscription to Music and gaming service Arcade, then upgrading is worthwhile. If you really and only use Music, then a separate subscription will be more interesting for you.

Depending on filling Apple TV+

Now those combi-subscriptions are fun of course, but we can also see that the ‘magic boundary’ of subscriptions – which is about €9.99 per month – has been broken. Of course: you also get more in return. But if you happen to have Netflix or Tidal running beside it, it quickly becomes a hefty monthly financial drain. Which means that most people have to make a choice: either one or the other.

Now that Apple TV+ is still a bit skinny in terms of filling (it’s mainly – by the way – unique Apple-owned productions that fill the service) for avid TV viewers services like Netflix and (or) the very affordable Amazon Prime will continue to be necessary. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting bundle that can save money for small users. And that’s always nice, time to hit the math and check if the combi is cheaper for you.

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