Asus gaming headphones with MQA


Extraordinary: Asus – you know: from laptops and the like – is going to release a series of gaming headphones with an MQA-renderer on board.

Although Asus ROG-series Delta S gaming headsets are not intended for high-end audio enthusiasts at all, they do have a striking feature: an MQA renderer. In other words: if you listen to an MQA stream via Tidal, for example, via such a headset, all signals are green for an MQA experience.

Now MQA – which stands for Master Quality Authenticated – is not entirely undisputed. Because there appears for example to be a certain compression technique. Nevertheless, it is a feature that more and more manufacturers build into their equipment. The fact that a renderer for this technique is built into headphones is unique. This makes it all the more special when it comes to gaming headphones from a manufacturer who is normally not at all concerned with high-end audio.


At the time of writing, it is not yet known when the Asus ROG Delta S (ROG = Republic of Gamers) series will be released. Or how much the models will cost. However, it is a separate development that may be a reason for other more traditional hi-fi brands to bring out headphones with MQA-renderers. Whether you then again have to queue up for that? That choice is, as always, entirely up to you.

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