Bob Stuart gets a medal for his work

Bob Stuart

Bob Stuart – known as the creator of MQA and founder of Meridian, among other things – has won a prestigious award: the British Royal Academy of Engineering Prince Philip Medal.

He is allowed to put MQA to his credit, as is the fact that Bob Stuart is co-founder of Meridian. For all his work he received the British Royal Academy of Engineering Prince Philip Medal. The motivation for the award in its original wording:

‘his exceptional contribution to audio engineering which has changed the way we listen to music and experience films’.


Stuart is now in an illustrious line of other inventors. For example Sir Frank Whittle, the inventor of the jet engine, and also Lucien Bronicki who boosted the geothermal energy generation. It goes without saying that Bob Stuart is gilded with his award: ‘audio engineering is at the crossroads of analogue and digital technology, music and the human listener. My passion to realise fantastic sound recording and playback possibilities called for a multidisciplinary approach. But that search to preserve and share music is very satisfying and important. I am honoured and modest to receive this award from the Royal Academy of Engineering’.

Source picture at the top of this article: Wikimedia.

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