Deezer: listen like a local with Country Selector


From now on, you can use the country selector to set a preferred country in Deezer. Gone are the “100% Dutch Hits”… Here come the German Schlagers and USA Country Songs! 

Most music services assume that your nationality is the same as the country in which you are registered. Certainly within the EU this is a rather outdated way of thinking. Apart from that: this ‘country of residence’ configuration also haunts users on holiday and the like. Everywhere and always (for example) those Dutch hit Songs will haunt you as a Dutch user.

Actually of course nonsense, a user of a music service must have the choice of what he or she chooses as his or her preferred country or musical preference. And exactly that is what Deezer now offers via Country Selector. Choose the country of your musical preference, and from now on you will be treated to music (pre) selections from that region.

Choose your country

With Deezer Country Selector, you can, for example, enjoy a Spanish perspective during your virtual or virtual holiday at a Spanish costa. Access to local artists, playlists from the country, charts and more. All from the country of your choice. You don’t pay anything extra for it and the new option is available for all subscriptions offered by Deezer in France. Now let’s hope that other music services will soon follow suit.

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