devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac: wifi throughout the house


Achieving a good wifi signal throughout the house can be hard. But it can also be a breeze. The devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac should do the trick.

You have a good wifi signal in the living room? But do you also want to enjoy a strong tune of wireless music in the ‘man cave’ in the attic or in the basement via the streamer set up there? Chances are that you won’t escape expanding the ‘coverage’ of your wifi. This is possible with the new devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac.

As part of a seamless devolo home network, this device makes optimum use of its modern Mesh functions. According to the manufacturer, the Repeater ensures that all WiFi devices are perfectly connected. Thanks to fast roaming, smartphones, tablets and other devices are always connected to the ideal WiFi hotspot (client steering). This is particularly important when WiFi users move around the house with their network device.

Beam Forming

For even better WiFi performance, Repeater uses beam-forming technology to find the position of clients via its antennas. Thanks to the airtime fairness function, fast WiFi devices are automatically given priority and are no longer slowed down by older, slow network devices that would otherwise block data communication. Smart band steering in the background ensures a hassle-free connection of the highest quality by automatically switching between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

Multi-User MIMO and WPA3: Wi-Fi for the whole family

The Repeater has been specially optimized to support large amounts of data streams. In many homes, more than one device requires a fast connection. MU-MIMO technology offers a solution here. The technology enables the new devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac to communicate with multiple clients simultaneously. This means a fast, stable and above all secure Internet connection for everyone. Connections are protected at all times using the modern WPA2 and WPA3 security standards.

More flexibility: repeat or access point mode

The new WiFi Repeater+ ac from devolo offers users maximum flexibility: it functions as a WiFi extension (repeating mode) or creates a new WiFi network as an independent access point. The access point mode is particularly important when structured wiring with LAN connections is already available in the house and the Repeater is being used to cover a new WiFi network.

Price and availability

The devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac is now available in stores and online for a recommended retail price of 69.90 euros. devolo offers a three-year warranty on its products.


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