Furutech NCF Clear Line Power Optimizer


Audio-Life (Netherlands) announces that Furutech has released a new NCF Clear Line Power Optimizer, in other words: a fast way to get clean mains power.

Audio-Life is enthusiastic about Furutech’s new mains filter:

‘We have tried the NCF Clear Line in the shop and are surprised by the result. Despite the small size, you will immediately notice improvements in the depth and focus of the soundstage and tonal balance. Low frequencies are cleaner and a better sense of definition is made possible by a lower noise floor. Plug the NCF Clear Line into a free socket on your power strip or a free wall outlet. For best results, use the NCF Clear Line on the same AC line as your system. In short, we invite you to come and try this!’

Now for sale for 260 euros. A nice (English) review can be found here, by the way.


By the way, a mains filter is in many cases not too bad an idea. Nowadays, the mains voltage is heavily polluted with, for example, all kinds of HF components, supplied by switching power supplies. These things are the norm in the year 2020. You can find them in, for example, your computer, telephone charger and LED lighting. Especially the cheap ones are often major sources of interference. A mains filter strips these annoying items from the mains voltage, which can improve the sound quality of equipment connected behind the filter.

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