Hifi Klubben has been around for 40 years

Hifi Klubben

The originally Danish Hifi Klubben celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and is now active in various countries.

Hifi Klubben is a Danish success story. In 1980 it was founded in Aarhus by Peter Lyngdorf. At that time a striking step, because the market was already amply provided with large and superpowerful players. Actually, Hifi Klubben was founded to counterbalance the ‘big boys’ who brought cheaper junk from the Far East to the market with high profit margins. Lyngdorf mainly wanted to focus on quality.

To achieve this he was in direct contact with manufacturers and arranged good deals. The customers also benefited from this. Furthermore, making customers listen to equipment was something that made Hifi Klubben a special company.

Party offers and anniversary newspaper

Meanwhile, Hifi Klubben has spread its wings considerably. You will find the company in the Netherlands, Germany and of course in the Scandinavian countries with more than a hundred shops in those areas. Apart from that there is of course the online sales. Furthermore, it should not go unmentioned that the chain has launched its own private labels, including Argon Audio. The case has released a special anniversary newspaper, this can be picked up in one of the stores. And of course the 40th anniversary also includes several great offers, which you will find on this page.

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