JVC XP-EXT1 headphones with Dolby Atmos


Do enjoy Dolby Atmos, but preferably without hassle with all kinds of speakers? Then the new JVC JVC XP-EXT1 headphones are a godsend.

But….: the new JVC XP-EXT1 is not exactly the bargain of the day. You have to pay €999 for it. For that amount it is also possible to set up a Dolby Atmos surround system with speakers. Not an ultra-high-end then, but still.

On the other hand, the XP-EXT1 is very advanced. The headphones decode DTS:X-tracks and deliver them in 7.1.4 surround sound. Upscaling of 5.1 sound is also possible. For all that beauty, JVC’s proprietary Exofield technology is used. This creates a 3D sound image via the headphones. Just connect the sources to the supplied DSP module, which has four 4K-capable HDMI inputs. This device also performs the actual decoding, after which it is transmitted to the headphones via a 5 GHz connection.


On the JVC XP-EXT1 module you will find possibilities to adjust the sound to your hearing. The newcomer is immediately available, ideal for small houses that have no place to set up a complete surround installation. Or simply, to give the neighbours some rest in the later hours of the evening.

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