Live stream multitest – Tidal – Qobuz – Spotify – NAS – Vinyl – Tape

We regularly mass-test audio devices. Even live on youtube. But… what about online services and formats? What are the differences between Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz and your own flac (or wav) files on your NAS? And how does that compare to vinyl and tape? We are going to put it all side by side this Saturday! So, uh… tune in. From 10:00 CEST we’re going live again!

We have regular mail contact with readers about formats and services. What is better? Which service sounds best? And isn’t vinyl just absolutely superior? Now we do have a preference and an opinion. But that is also partly based on suspicions and older information. In short: time for a mega-test of formats and services.

For this test we will use our reference set, complemented with a nice phono preamp turntable and a nice cassette deck. Your editor is particularly curious about the latter. How good is a good deck really? Are you also curious? Then hook in Saturday morning.

Live Stream multitest Vinyl, Streaming, Tape

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