Magnat Monitor Active 2000 active speaker


Magnat has released a new active speaker. The Monitor Active 2000 delivers up to 35 Watt per channel.

You can only purchase the new Magnat Monitor Active in pairs, because it is a so-called master-slave system. Where one speaker has the amp build in and also controls the other speaker.

Nowadays, wireless sound transmission via Bluetooth is supported almost as a standard. But a digital S/PDIF digital input is also available. The analog cinch line input is also present. And that line-in can also be switched to a phono MM input if desired. It makes these Magnat speakers wonderfully versatile.

These speakers are ideal for use with the computer, under the TV or just for better sound in the bedroom. And thanks to those phono MM, they can also be used in the study. Or the music-room for digging through your old record collection in combination with a regular turntable.

Introduction promotion price

You operate the Magnat Monitor Active 2000 using either the buttons on the master speaker or the supplied remote control. In terms of drivers, the new Magnat speakers include a 125 mm mid-bass unit and a 25 mm tweeter. This speaker is only for sale online in Magnat’s webshop, or via for example (the German!) Amazon (we haven’t seen it in the Dutch version). Until 20 September you pay €299 for it, after this introduction the price will go up to the regular €349.

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