Melco Audio digital music libraries ready for Roon

Melco Audio

Melco Audio digital music libraries are ready to add Roon (or Roon Ready), Dutch importer-distributor Dimex announces.

Melco’s Roon implementation introduces the option of Roon streaming alongside Melco’s audiophile MIML software package (SongKong and MinimServer). According to Dimex, this has been carefully designed for optimal sound quality and at the same time an unparalleled user experience, thanks to SongKong’s powerful metadata functionality.

Dimex further explains in his press release: “Roon Ready means that Melco EX devices now use a customized version of Roon’s RAAT streaming technology, delivering a great user experience through an intuitive interface, easy installation, rock-solid daily reliability and the highest level of audio performance in the industry. Updated Melcos will make Roon work (as an alternative to UPnP) when the library is connected to a USB DAC. Please note that the Roon update is only available for users of the Melco EX software V4.01. If you are not sure if your Melco is suitable for this update please contact your Melco dealer’.

More about Melco and dealer addresses can be found here.


The USB update is ready for download: Melco update V4.04B. After performing the update, your device will be Roon Ready, allowing you to use this popular music management and playback system

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