Meridian starts partnership with HiPhi


Meridian apparently sees a bright future in the Chinese electric car HiPhi, from Human Horizons. That’s why it agreed to a partnership.

Although the doubts about the electric car as the future for the steed (the energy to charge them has to come from somewhere, for example), they are quite popular. Especially in the leasing segment. And that is of course also where traditionally a lot of money is converted by car manufacturers.

The Chinese company Human Horizons is all too eager to get a piece of the electric hype and developed the HiPhi. According to the makers, this CUV has a range of up to 400 miles (a good 640 kilometres) on a single charge. Of course strongly dependent on speed and driving behaviour. And – so Meridian must have thought – a decent sounding piece of music goes with longer rides. As far as we’re concerned, that’s obviously not a bad idea. Anyway, a partnership between both manufacturers was quickly sealed.

12 channels

So Meridian sat down with the creaters of the HiPhi. And developed an in-car audio system consisting of a power amplifier with a power of up to 600 watts, Meridian Re-Q and Meridian Digital Precision techniques. A total of no less than 12 independent channels were used to provide complete immersion in the sound throughout the car. Perfect Balance should ensure the best performance at any sound volume, including the sub correctly controlled. Intelli_Q adapts the sound to the cockpit of the car so that it is reproduced as optimally as possible.

The HiPhi should go into production at the end of this year and be available in China from 2021. Later that year the car should be rolled out worldwide. The only critical note there is some electric driving, is the already mentioned energy problem. Charging electric cars not only takes time, but – if they are rolled out widely – puts an enormous strain on the power grid. Wind turbines and solar panels still cannot meet this demand. That’s why the car industry is looking more and more at hydrogen as a fuel. Just as clean as electric driving, but a lot more practical in daily use. And what’s more, we’re not faced with a huge amount of work at the end of an electric car’s life, where it takes a lot of work and energy to recycle all environmentally harmful batteries. All that aside, for car hi-fi it doesn’t matter much of course.

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