Nobilis Sonum 98 seven-sided loudspeaker

Noble & Noble

The Nobilis Sonum 98 is the world’s first seven-sided loudspeaker. And according to the manufacturer, this has many advantages.

Actually it’s best to let the manufacturer of the new Nobilis Sonum 98 talk. In their enthusiasm, they explain what this special speaker is all about:

‘The Nobilis Sonum 98 has finally arrived, the world’s first seven-sided speaker system, from Noble & Noble with love. We are sure it will change the way you listen to music. Our motto: Once you’ve heard the best there is no need to listen to the rest’

The seventh side

The press release of the Nobilis Sonum 98 further explains why the seventh side is so important: ‘Because it is an integral part of the design of the Noble & Noble speaker system. Put simply: without that seventh side, the Nobilis Sonum 98 would never have been possible. Minimizing the Cone Surround Distortion and disconnecting the tweeter were the main goals. The design also provides a bonus in the form of the world’s first resonance-free (6-sided) cabinet. The result will be that unwanted mechanical (cabinet) resonances will not occur’.


As an advantage of the design of the Nobilis Sonum 98, Noble & Noble mentions, first of all, a plus on the auditory level: ‘as soon as you listen to your favourite music, a smile will appear on your face. You may even get tears in your eyes, tears of joy. On the visual level, all Noble & Noble speaker systems, thanks to the infinite black matte finish and the restrained design itself, have a chic and luxurious look, just for you, the listener’.

Noble & Noble used five ‘Unique Design Principles’ in the design of the Nobilis Sonum 98, according to the press release:

  1. A resonance-free cabinet, why needed and how to realize it?
  2. The Vibrations Cancellation System or why and how you lift the unwanted mechanical vibrations of the speaker units.
  3. Minimizing the Cone Surround Distortion, why necessary and how to realize it?
  4. Disconnecting the tweeter, why needed and how to realize it?
  5. The practical usefulness and implementation of a correctly designed waveguide?


For your convenience, we have listed all the specifications of the Nobilis Sonum 98:

  • Number of digital sources: 3.
  • Number of analogue sources: 2.
  • Dimensions: 98 x 18 x 29 cm.
  • Standard color: Infinite black.
  • Standard finish: Matt.
  • Weight: 22.8 Kg.
  • Undistorted Maximum SPL level: 104 dB.
  • Number of units: 2 x midwoofer and 1 x tweeter.

You pay € 19,888.88 per pair for all this beauty. In fact, this is a total package consisting of amplifiers, custom design DACs and cables, all neatly concealed in the speaker system itself. Convenience serves man so there is also a remote control included. More information can be found here:

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