Philips releases Ambilight kit for every TV


Philips Ambilight is now being released by Philips as an upgrade kit for any television. The whole thing is easy to assemble, so they promise.

For Philips, Ambilight was one of the sales arguments for its televisions. The system was unique in its kind during its introduction. And the idea was as simple as it was ingenious: project a colour range around the television that matches what’s on screen. It gives a more ‘immersive’ feeling. And a nice effect in your living room while watching television. Well: for those that like it.

If you didn’t have a Philips TV, you couldn’t just buy that ‘ambilight-effect’. Until now! Philips released the Hue Play gradient lightstrip. The main part is indeed nothing more than an LED strip, which you can mount on the back of any conventional television. Versions for 55, 65 and 75 inch screens are available. The strip – once assembled – synchronises with what’s on screen, i.e. the full Ambilight experience.

More than LED-strips

Rounded hooks are included for easy mounting. Unfortunately, with just the LED strip alone, you are not finished. You also need the Hue Play HDMI sync box. This takes care of the actual analysis of the image and switches between source and screen. You also need a Hue Bridge, which can be controlled via the Hue Sync mobile app.

The smallest 55-inch version of the strip costs €179.99. You can pre-order it via this page. And don’t forget to order the other mentioned parts as well, otherwise you won’t be able to use it yet. Finally a philosophical remark. We wonder if the ‘real’ Philips had handed over this trump card – unique for the TVs of this brand – as well. On the other hand: the prices of the total package are such that profits are also made with the components alone. And on top of that, buyers are most likely tempted to buy other Ambilight modules…

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