Philips televisions get DTS Play-Fi


Good news for everyone in possession of a (somewhat recent) Philips television: via an update you get DTS Play-Fi. That means streaming audio!

Well, it is debatable whether you agree with the description ‘old’ used by the Chinese owner of Philips TVs. But in any case, all new TVs of the brand – including old ones from 2019 – will get a firmware update sometime this quarter. This will add DTS Play-Fi to the possibilities. More specifically the models from the 7304 onwards. Naturally, this year’s Android TVs will also be included in the update round.

Soundbars and wireless speakers

With DTS Play-Fi, you can connect all kinds of devices that are also compatible with DTS Play-fi, all wirelessly. This fits nicely with the recently announced DTS Play-Fi Philips Fidelio B95 and B97 Dolby Atmos soundbars. Now this is not exactly the cheapest series that Philips has prepped for you. But it seems that soon new soundbars in the more affordable 8000 series will be released. And they are also equipped with DTS Play-Fi. The newly released wireless speakers W6205 and W6505 also support the technology.

In short: at Philips, everything will soon communicate wirelessly with (almost) everything. Indeed most charming news for anyone who swears by this brand and has several (somewhat recent) pieces of equipment from the former incandescent lamp factory in the south of the Netherlands.

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