SPL Phonitor SE headphone amplifier with or without DAC


SPL has the Phonitor SE headphone amplifier ready for you, where you can choose between a model with or a model without integrated DAC.

The Phonitor SE from the German SPL is intended as an entry-level model in the series. It currently consists of four models. In order to arrive at a ‘budget’ model, no interventions have been made that lead to a lesser sound, the manufacturer promises. However, some features have been cut back compared to the more expensive counterparts.

The Phonitor SE is a pure headphone amplifier with – in the basic version – an analog cinch input. Via an expansion module, you can also add digital inputs (USB, optical and coax) afterwards.

2 x 5 Watt

You can also choose the model that already has this digital module on board. In that case you are ready in one go. Whichever model you choose, you’ll find a classic 6.3 mm jack connector on the front. Plug in your headphones. These are controlled with a maximum power of 2 x 5 Watt in 250 Ohm, more than enough to also provide the more ‘annoying’ headphones with enough power.

The Phonitor’s are now available in black, red and silver. The SPL Phonitor SE in analogue version costs €973.82 and the version with DAC module costs €1363.73.

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