Synology introduces the DiskStation DS1621xs+


Synology’s new DiskStation DS1621xs+ is a tough guy based on an Intel Xeon processor.

For anyone who is really busy working with his or her NAS (apart from business applications, think of, for example, a huge collection of images and sound that not only has to be played but also managed) Synology has released something beautiful. The new DiskStation DS1621xs+ is – according to the press release – a NAS that redefines performance expectations in the form of a compact tower. Thanks to the four-core Xeon processor combined with ECC memory and the presence of 10 GbE, the DS1621xs+ takes data storage and management to the next level.

A super fast and highly reliable microserver

The DS1621xs+ features a powerful Xeon processor that some of Synology’s data center devices are equipped with, but now in an 11.5L enclosure. Sequential read performance of over 3.1GB/s and sequential write performance of over 1.8GB/s provide the ability to process larger data sets and manage more users even faster than before. ECC memory has also been added for optimum reliability. Combined with Btrfs and extensive data backup capabilities, this means that data is completely secure.

Small, but with huge storage capacity

The six internal 3.5″ slots provide up to 96 TB of raw storage capacity. If this is insufficient, it can be increased to 256 TB by adding two additional DX517 expansion units for a total of 16 drives. The Synology DS1621xs+ also includes two M.2 2280 slots for lightning-fast NVMe cache. This makes storage up to 20 times faster without sacrificing slots.

10x faster network performance

Content creation projects, large backup tasks, and all work requiring fast file transfers can be completed faster thanks to the built-in 10 GbE. Add an additional 10GbE card to speed up high-resolution network rendering projects or make transfers even faster for multiple virtual machines.

Supported by Synology DSM

Data management should not be difficult. Synology DSM simplifies difficult and cumbersome processes while keeping the user in control of important decisions. Create your own on-site cloud with Synology Drive and protect data on PCs, virtual machines, SaaS, and more with the Synology Active Backup suite.


DS1621xs+ is available immediately from Synology’s vendors and partners as of today. The recommended retail price is $1,430 (excluding VAT). If this NAS might be just a bit too much for you, you will find an overview of the other Synology NASs here. All of them – including the cheapest models – run on DSM as an operating system.

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